TM24 Touch Mixer 24 channel portable digital Mixer


TM24 Touch Mixer 24 channel portable digital Mixer

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Specially designed for musicians, professionals and live performance. With compact size, simple operation interface and professional mixing effect, it is capable to display outstanding capability in a large music meeting.

The powerful functions of TM24 are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, and a range of features and functions enable users with less experience to quickly achieve high-quality results. 

16 input channels and USB (two input channels) provide users with a variety of configuration options, 10 inches color touch screen control, coordinate the data wheel to adjust parameters, three high quality stereo effect processor: reverberation, time delay, chorus, etc., 4 AUX and 1 mute marshalling, can also control the WiFi, dual track rail recording and playback. 

A new concept combining modern Touch control with traditional operation is proposed.

The main features

Can be used for mobile performance, fixed installation, entertainment, personal production and other occasions

Touch screen and physical wheel combined, intuitive operation Support USB dual track recording and playback 48V phantom power supply (single channel control)

Support for custom scenario presets

WIFI/ hotspot integration, support tablet /PC/ smartphone and other systems, after entering the correct IP address to the browser can be remotely controlled through WIFI.

Using high quality audio amplifier, better sound quality Built-in graphics/parameter equalization, limiter and other processing plug-ins

Built in 3 effectors

Touch Mixer——Characteristic parameters

Hardware and software

lnput and output interfaces: Input: 16 channels XLR/TRS composite interface, 2 channels USB interface; Output: 2 main outputs (XLR interface); 4 auxiliary outputs (XLR interface); 2 stereo auxiliary outputs (TRS interface), 1 pair of stereo main output, 1 monitor (TRS interface).

Display: 9.7 inch (235mm x 165mm) color TFT touch screen.

Includes accessories USB, WIFI adapter, carrying case, power supply.

Built-in WIFI adapter.

Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz or 48kHz optional.

Grouping: 4 DCA groups (with mute), 1 mute group.

DSP : Input channel: processing 4-stage parameter equalization configuration high/low shelving type response setting, variable frequency point 24dB octave high-pass filter, threshold, compressor; Output channel: processing main output and 1-4 auxiliary output with 1/3 octave 31 segment graphic equalizer, limiter, variable frequency point 18dB octave high-pass and low-pass filters.

Recording function: dual track, USB3.0HD,FAT32 format, minimum 7800RPM.

oEffects: 3 professional effects, reverberation, delay, chorus, etc.

Analog to Digital Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz : +0.15dB  

THD total harmonic distortion: -20dBFS@1kHz : 0.006

Noise: Noise level (20/20k band pass) : -80.89dB

Noise level (A weight) : -84.23dB 

Crosstalk: Channel isolation (+4dBu @1khz) : -94.96dB 

Channel isolation (+ 4dbu@20khz) : -78.54db Level difference: 

Channel level difference (+4dBu@20~20kHz) : -0.07dB 

Phase: Phase difference between channels(+4dBu@1k):+0.1° Phase difference between channels(+4dBu@20~20kHz):+0.8° 

Equivalent noise: <-121dBu

Analog to Analog index * Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz : +1.24/-0.25 ¢ THD total harmonic distortion: -20 Dbfs@1kHz : 0.0078% 

Noise: Noise level (20/20k band pass) : -75.98dB 

Noise level (A weight) : -78.64dBFS 

Crosstalk: Channel isolation (+4 dB 1k ) : -96.48 dB 

Channel isolation ( +4 dB 20k ) : -77.42dB Level difference: Level difference between channels ( +4 dB 20~20k ) : -0.15

Phase: Phase difference between channels(+4 dB 1k) : -0.1° 

Phase difference between channels(+4 dB 20~20k) : 2° 

Equivalent noise: -120.54dB

Input gain: Microphone/line gain:-20.0dB~70.0dB (0.1 step size, the step size precision depends on the size of the user interface) 

Threshold: Threshold: -co~+6dB Automatic transient 

Automatic release Compressor: Threshold : -90dB~+6dB Compression ratio : 1:1~1000:1 

Attack start time : 1ms~400ms 

Release time Release : 10ms~2000ms 

Makeup Gain : -24dB~+48dB 

Input channel equalizer: Band parameter equalizer 

Frequency of each frequency band:20Hz22kHz Q:0.0515 

Gain : -20dB~+20dB HPF : 20Hz~22kHz 

Output channel equalizer: 32-segment GEQ, 20Hz~20kHz , +15dB 

Output compressor: Threshold : -90dB~+6dB Compression ratio : 1:1~1000:1 

Attack start time : 1ms~400ms Release time Release : 10ms~2000ms 

Makeup Gain : -24dB~+48dB Delay Microphone input - ADC and DSP - DAC - line output: <1ms Input and output levels Microphone input: Max. +13dBu 

Line input: Max. +13dBu 

MIX/MASTER output: Max +23dB 

Input and output impedance Microphone input : 2.5kQ 

Line input : 10kQ Hi - Z input : 1MQ Output: all in 100Q 

USB Maximum current : 500mA 

Maximum current is available on all ports : 900mA 

The power supply Power consumption (typical value) : <25W 

Ac input voltage range: 88~265VAC automatic induction 

Ac frequency : 47~63Hz 

Operating conditions Temperature range : 5°C~45°C Humidity : 0%~90% Storage temperature : -20°C~60°C

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