Shure QLXD24 - Beta 58A micro Hand Wireless Microphone System 650-695MHz


Shure QLXD24 - Beta 58A micro Hand Wireless Microphone System 650-695MHz

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Microphone cables can really get in the way, which is why wireless microphones are so popular. Vocalists and public speakers become highly mobile with this set by Shure, and they won't have to worry about a cable. A range of up to 100 metres is provided. This set consists of a Shure Beta 58A and a QLX-D4 receiver. Unique about the QLX-D system is the digital signal transfer mode, which makes annoying noise and interference a thing of the past, while allowing for a clearly defined sound. The receiver can be monitored via an Ethernet connection or iOS and this is highly practical when you are using multiple transmitters and receivers simultaneously.

Shure QLXD24/B58 S50: complete wireless system

The Shure Beta58 is dubbed a true phenomenon by audio engineers, just like its predecessor, the SM58. Thanks to its robustness, it is ideal for vocalists and public speakers. Its frequency response makes it fit for many other purposes like guitar amps, drums, percussion and brass instruments, however, so that it is nearly universal. For a power supply, two AA batteries or a (separately available) Shure lithium-ion battery can be used. The latter allows for a battery life of ten hours. It is very easy to link the microphone to the WLX-D4 receiver via infrared with only a single press of a button.

Overview and frequencies

Used frequencies are very important with wireless systems. This system can be used on frequencies 650 - 695 MHz The QLXD24/B58 S50 system consists of a QLX-D4 receiver and a Beta 58A wireless microphone. Rackmounts, a microphone clip, batteries, two BNC cables, bulkhead adapters and a carrying bag are included. A QLXD24/B58 S50 set is ideal for use on professional stages, as up to 17 systems can be used simultaneously and these can easily be monitored via your computer or an app on your iOS device.


Product features

  • Number of microphones1 microphone
  • Battery typeAA, SB900 lithium-ion
  • Battery life (approx.)9 hours
  • Frequency bandShure S50 (650-690 MHz)
  • Maximum SPL
  • 140 dB - 149 dB
  • Maximum frequency16 - 16.9 kHz
  • Minimum frequency50 - 59 Hz
  • Polar patternsuper cardioid
  • Switchable frequenciesyes
  • Type of frequency band800 - 899 MHz
  • Output connectorjack (6.3 mm) + XLR
  • Transmission power10 mW

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging)4.1 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging)50.0 x 44.0 x 11.0 cm

Product specifications

  • wireless handheld system
  • frequency band: 650-695Mhz
  • consists of:
  • handheld (Beta 58A)
  • receiver (QLXD4)
  • digital system
  • ideal for medium-sized applications
  • easy installation and controls
  • 22 systems per 8MHz channel
  • selectable frequencies: up to 2,880
  • easy synchronisation of transmitter and receiver
  • over 60 preset channels per frequency band (region-dependent)
  • Automatic Channel Scan, Network Scan and infrared synchronisation
  • AES-256 encryption
  • tuning bandwidth: 64 MHz
  • predictive digital diversity switch
  • frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (microphone dependent)
  • Ethernet communication for multiple receivers
  • compatible with Shure Wireless Workbench 6 software (PC/Mac)
  • monitoring and controls with mobile iOS devices via ShurePlus Channels app
  • including:
    • power adapter
    • manual
    • rackmount kit
    • 2x BNC bulkhead adapter
    • 2x BNC cable
    • 2x AA battery

QLXD4 receiver

  • backlit LCD display
  • LED meters for audio and RF signals with peak indication
  • detachable antenna
  • outputs: XLR and 6.3mm jack
  • robust housing, brushed aluminium
  • 19-inch rack-mountable (half-rack size)
  • 2 antenna connectors (antennas included)
  • Ethernet connector
  • power supply: PS23E (included)

Beta 58A

  • pickup pattern: super-cardioid
  • dynamic range: 120 dB
  • 24-bit audio quality
  • easy to link via infrared
  • rugged metal housing
  • illuminated LCD display for easy navigation
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