RCF HDL 20-A Active Line Array Speaker


RCF HDL 20-A Active Line Array Speaker


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RCF HDL 20-A Active Line Array Speaker

The careful acoustic design, no compromise transducers and a unique, composite cabinet, design make the HDL 20-A the preferred tool of many professionals. Perfect in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situations.

The HDL 20-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must.

The system features state of the art RCF transducers, two powerful 10" with 2.5" voice coil for a solid bass reproduction and a large format 2" with 3" voice coil compression driver to deliver vocal clarity and high definition with an incredible dynamic. The large format compression driver RCF CD 850 is a key advantage of the HDL20-A. All the vocal range is reproduced from this driver. Superior efficiency and clarity, higher pressures and a better coverage. The system is powered from a 700 Watt Digital Amplifier, Class-D technology, that packs huge performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. HDL20-A amplifiers presents SMPS power supply section in order to produce maximum output and minimum transportation weight. D Line amplifiers deliver ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the heat dissipation.

The integrated DSP manages crossover, equalisation, soft limiter, compressor and user adjustable settings. The processing includes cluster and HF projection correction and special new presets for indoor and high curving situations.High curving switch gives the extra possibility to boost mid frequencies depending on a high curving cluster configuration of few pieces and the Indoor/Outdoor switch is to set low frequencies correction depending on a indoor/outdoor use, in order to compensate room reverberation on lows.

An easy to reach volume knob on the back allows to set the overall volume of the speaker according to its application.

3 status LEDs – Power / Signal / Status are provided for monitoring the system.

The HDL20-A features configurable mechanics, angles between cabinets are selectable with 2 degrees resolution.

In comparison with many competitors products with fixed curving, with HDL20-A is possible to create real J-shaped or spiral arrays. HDL20-A cabinets are moulded on a special polypropylene composite material designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. From moulding to the final texture, D LINE offers the maximum reliability and strength for the intensive use on the road. The HDL20-A is equipped with two side aluminium handle with rubber handgrip for greater portability.


  • 100 x 15, Wide dispersion constant directivity angle line array module
  • 2 x 10" woofer, high power 2,5" voice coil
  • 2" HF driver, titanium dome 3" voice coil
  • 1400 watt Peak, 700 watt RMS
  • Digital Bi-amp and DSP Sound Processing
  • 135 dB max SPL
  • Cabinet moulded on a special polypropylene composite material


  • Frequency response: 55 Hz- 20 Khz
  • Max SPL: 135 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle: 100°
  • Vertical coverage angle: 15° max.
  • Compression driver: 2”, 3.0”v.c.
  • Midrange: -Woofer: 2x10”, 2.5” v.c.


  • Input connector: XLR-Jack combo
  • Output connector: XLR
  • Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / + 4 dBu


  • Crossover frequencies: 1000 Hz
  • Protections: Thermal, RMS
  • Limiter: soft limiter
  • Controls: Cluster, HF, High curving, Indoor


  • Power supply: switching 700 Watt
  • High frequencies: D / 200 Watt
  • Mid frequencies: -Low frequencies: D / 500 Watt
  • Cooling: convection
  • Connection: VDE connector IN


  • Height: 294 mm (11.5")
  • Width: 705 mm (27.7")
  • Depth: 445 mm (17.5")
  • Weight: 29 Kg (63.93 lbs)
  • Cabinet: Composite PP
  • Hardware: Rigging fl yware
  • Handles: 2 side
  • Pole mount cap Colour: Black