R10 A4 7.2K i-PUNCH 4 Channel Dynamic Energy Recycling Power Amplifier


R10 A4 7.2K i-PUNCH 4 Channel Dynamic Energy Recycling Power Amplifier

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(Unipolar Pulse Density Modulation)  is the latest generation ultra low power amplifier scheme.Output Power 4.8kw

90-270VAC Global Power Supply 

Direct Energy Amplifying Purifying Ground and Signal Source Noise 

Dynamic Energy Recycling 

Constant Zero Distortion Power Control 

Dual Reactor Phase Shift Control 

All R10  series amplifiers has output current protection.

Overheat and Clip Soft Protection 

Output current will be limited when exceeds the allowed maximum value. 

 (For example,Short circuit). In this case, when a channel  output current exceeds it will be disabled (mute) for 1000ms. and restart after the short circuit

When input voltage is higher than the upper limit or lower than the lowest limit, PSU will enter protect mode and cut off the power

Caution: Input voltage exceeds 270VAC long term may damage the PSU of the amplifier.supply.

Input Voltage Protection 

Overload Protection Complete temperature protection sampling. Monitors both PSU and amplifier simultaneously. 

Output power will limit when the temperature of the heat sink higher than limit value. 

Output will cut off when temperature higher than the protect value. Amplifier will restart when temperature return to normal.

* 4CH Professional Power Amplifier

*4 x 1800W/2.6Ω; 4Ω x 1200W/4Ω; 4 X 700W/8Ω

* 1U, 48.2*4.4*16.5 cm ; Weight: 3 kg

*  AC90-270V full range voltage

THD: <0.003%N/S 

Ratio: 112 dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz    +/-0.25 dB

Damping Factor: >1000Transfer Rate: 80V/usInput

 Resistance: 30KInput Sensitivity: 0.775V

R10 2.8K power recycling system receives input power at the input and feeds back through an auxiliary output , supplementing the power for recycling energy of the recycled power that would normally be wasted to provide improved power efficiency.

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