Lannge T-1300 Power Distribution


Lannge T-1300 Power Distribution



Equipped with 2.2 inches and pixel of 176*220 colorful touchable screen.

● Fashion design with brushed aluminum panel.

● The screen shows the current voltage, date, time, state of each


● 8 channels output, delay time of booting up and shutting down of each

channel can be set (range:1~999sec).

● User can boot up/shut down each channel independently.

● A clock chip is build-in for users to set the date and time to boot up/shut

down each channel.

● Users can set the value of low-voltage/overvoltage protection.

● Users can operate the device by cascading, external controlling or central

controlling via RS232 and RS485 ports.

● Total rated output current: 40A. Individual channel rated output

current: 15A.

● Supply voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.

● Suitable for stages, home theatre, KTV rooms and conference rooms etc.

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