i-Punch DX16 Mixer


i-Punch DX16 Mixer

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* Multi-function design 12/16 input
* Built-in digital multi-effect processor
* Top-mounted input and output connection plug for easy installation and rebuild
* 3-channel equalization and high-pass filter
* Smooth 60mm fader
* Aux sends with master send control for easy processing and monitoring
* Auxiliary and stereo bus return level control
* Visual level monitoring on the bright level meter

•Total harmonic distortion:less than 0.1%
•Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz,
•Input and output impedance:
Microphone input:2.4KΩ
Line Input:11KΩ
Stereo input:100KΩ
Main output impedance:75Ω
Group impedance:75Ω
AUX output impedance:75Ω
•EQ(mono input)
High frequency:10KHz±15dB
intermediate frequency:250Hz~5K±15dB
Low frequency:100Hz±15dB

•Working conditions:

Temperature range:-10℃~+45℃

•Power supply:AC 220-243V 50/60Hz

•Power consumption:36W

11U Rack Mount Kit

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