i-PUNCH Anti Interference UR2000 UHF True Diversity Wireless Handheld Microphones


i-PUNCH Anti Interference UR2000 UHF True Diversity Wireless Handheld Microphones


i-PUNCH Anti Interference  UR2000 UHF True Diversity Wireless Handheld Microphones

UHF 640-690MHz band to avoid interference frequency

Fully automatic microphone working channel scanning

Automatically does not interfere with channel scanning

Full information LCD display for high frequency intensity, audio dynamics, channel frequency.

Dual microphone design

Handheld microphone invisible antenna, beautiful and practical

Adopt true diversity receiving circuit design to ensure continuous speed within the effective distance and eliminate dead angle  

Maximizes out-of-band interference signals with the latest high-frequency surface acoustic filters

High-frequency circuit design with secondary frequency conversion, with extremely high sensitivity, about 3uV

Multiple squelch control circuit, reject external interference and turn on the local squelch system

Specially designed voice compression expansion circuit to greatly improve signal to noise ratio

Unique voice compressor design, 

Uses an excellent moving coil heart-shaped pointing head for clear and bright sound

Select high-quality components, accurate and reasonable circuit design, greatly improved reliability

Efficient battery power design allows the microphone to last for 20 hours (AAA battery)

Use high-gain antennas to effectively open up to 100 meters

Complete input and output interface for easy connection to various devices

Beautiful streamlined appearance for comfort

Standard 19-inch mounting size

Dedicated to the occasional high frequency of carrier and KTV carrier frequency: UHF470-960MHZ

Frequency stability: ±0.05%, PLL phase-locked loop frequency control

Signal to noise ratio: >105db (1KHZ-A)

Adjacent channel interference ratio: 250KHZ

Dynamic range: total distortion rate / T.HD. (1KHZ) <0.590@1KHZ

Harmonic distortion:

Type: FM modulation mode

Polarity mode: 12VDC.600MA

Frequency response: 50HZ~15KHZ±3db

Microphone sensitivity: RF power output: 10MW

Receive sensitivity: -105dbM (12DB S/NAD)

Audio output: 300mv

Temperature range: -10 degrees, +80 degrees

Handheld dynamic range: >110db

1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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