i-Punch 32a 6 Way Rack Mount Power Distributor


i-Punch 32a 6 Way Rack Mount Power Distributor


1, panel color: iron black

2, power input conditions (single-phase 3 line): AC90-260V 50-60HZ two-phase (three lines: zero, fire, ground),  32A European waterproof plug

3, the number of power output channels :6 groups 3 groups  16A universal socket output 3 groups  16A European socket output

4, full frequency signal input quantity: 4 groups Full frequency signal output quantity: 4 groups

5, ultra low signal input quantity: 1 group ultra low signal Number of outputs: 1 group

6, speaker load input quantity: 8 groups of output quantity: 8 groups  

7. Controlled output can withstand single channel power/total power (reactive power): 5000W/10000W maximum withstand reactive power

8, output power Socket specifications: flame retardant ABS material, can withstand 16A current phosphor bronze material, standard universal socket (3) and European socket (3)

9. Protection function: separate switch for each channel, encounter short circuit or over Flow condition, the  switch is automatically powered off to protect the audio equipment from damage.

10. Features: Manual control of each channel on/off 1-3 way one switch control, 4 5 6 three channels independent control                

11. Power supply specifications: applicable worldwide 50-60HZ voltage AC90-260V

12 is, the main Cable specifications: European external wire to K Pu waterproof plug

13, the opening type; open and close the air switch

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