Harman Kardon AVR-AVR445 Receiver


Harman Kardon AVR-AVR445 Receiver

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The AVR 445 has the most extensive range of audio and video processing, control and connectivity options ever offered by Harman Kardon, enabling it to provide the best possible audio and video reproduction with any type of source material. Teaming advanced processing circuitry with proprietary technologies such as EzSet/EQ, the AVR 445 seamlessly integrates every component in your entertainment system to deliver the best possible sound and images.Some of the leading-edge features that are available with the AVR 445, such as HDMI™connectivity, are new to even the most experienced home theatre enthusiast.

The AVR 445 serves as the hub of your home entertainment system, providing a wide range of listening possibilities for almost any audio or video program source, whether it is the broadcast of a movie or sporting event in HDTV or a vintage mono or stereo recording. When playing digital audio sources, the AVR 445 decodes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS and DTS-ES data streams. Two-channel stereo and matrix surround sources benefit from all current DolbyPro Logic IIx modes and DTS Neo:6. The latest version of our proprietary Logic 7® process is onboard to create a wider, more enveloping sound field and more defined surround channel positioning, regardless of the type of source material. Additional audio playback and processing options include a direct connection to compatible computer-based sources through a direct USB connection.

The AVR 445 takes the “video” part of its name seriously. Along with two HDMI inputs and three 60MHz analog component video inputs, the AVR445 converts incoming analog signals to component for single wire connections. Tying audio and video together, the AVR 445 provides A/V sync delay so that the lip sync errors –commonly seen when digital video processing isused in a source, program or video display – are eliminated.

Coax and optical digital outputs are available for direct connection to digital recorders, and both the front panel analog audio/video and coaxial digital jacks may be switched to outputs for use with portable recorders – a Harman Kardon exclusive. Two video recording outputs, preamp out and a color-coded eight-channel input make the AVR virtually future-proof, with everything needed to accommodate tomorrow’s new formats right on board.

The AVR 445’s flexibility and power extend beyond your main home theater or listening room. The AVR includes a sophisticated multizone control system that allows you to select one source for use in the main room and a different one (Audio) in a second room. Complete control over volume is possible with a separate infrared control link. To make it easy to operate the AVR from a remote room, a separate “ZR 10” remote is included.

Additional multiroom options include the option to assign two of the AVR’s output channels to the multiroom system and the ability to link the AVR to innovative A-BUS® keypads for multiroom operation without the need for external amplifiers.

The AVR 445’s powerful amplifier uses traditional Harman Kardon high-current design technologies to meet the wide dynamic range of any program selection.

Harman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiver more than fifty years ago. With state-of the-art circuitry and time-honored circuit designs, the AVR is the perfect combination of the latest in digital audio technology, a quiet yet powerful analog amplifier in an elegant, easy-to-use package.

Product Features

  • Dolby* Digital, Dolby Digital EX and Dolby Pro Logic* IIx Decoding, and the full suite of DTS® modes, including DTS-ES® 6.1 Discrete & Matrix and Neo:6® and DTS 96/24
  • Seven channels of high-current amplification with two channels assignable to either surround back or multiroom applications
  • Harman Kardon’s exclusive Logic 7® processing, along with a choice of Dolby Virtual Speaker processing for use when only two speakers are available
  • Dolby Headphone to create spacious, open sound fields when using headphones
  • USB connectivity for audio playbackwith compatible computers and quick system upgrades.
  • Two HDMI™ 1.1 and three assignable high-bandwidth analog component inputs for compatibility with the latest high-definition video sources
  • Harman Kardon’s advanced EzSet/EQautomatically configures speaker settings and sets room equalization for quick, easy and accurate system setup
  • High-bandwidth, HDTV-compatible component video switching
  • Front panel analog A/V inputs, switchable to outputs
  • Front panel digital inputs for easy connection to portable digital devices and the latest video game consoles
  • Multiple digital inputs and outputs
  • On-screen menu and display system
  • Extensive multiroom options, including a standard Zone II remote, assignable amplifier channels and A-BUS/READY® capability for listening to a separate source in a remote zone
  • 6-Channel/8-Channel Direct Input and Preamp Outputs for Easy Expansion and Use with Future Audio Formats
  • Extensive bass management options, including Quadruple Crossover
  • A/V Sync delay adjustable for each input delivers perfect lip sync with digital programs or video displays