Fane IMPERIUM 18XL - 18" 1300w AES 8 Ohm


Fane IMPERIUM 18XL - 18" 1300w AES 8 Ohm


The Imperium 18XL is an efficient high power handling driver specially designed to provide powerful and accurate bass with low distortion and low power compression. The driver exhibits smooth tonal character combined with a fast response time. The Imperium 18XL utilises an optimised fibre loaded cone assembly controlled by a fully optimised multi roll surround. The units spaced dual suspension configuration ensures excellent control during large excursions. A fully optimised motor structure built around a high grade Y35 magnet ensures maximum flux yield from compact design and generates the minimum amount of flux modulation. The cast chassis base venting and large motor venting ensures efficient ventilation of the unit to keep power compression to a minimum. 


2600 W Program Power.

96 dB Sensitivity (1W/1m).

Optimised, lightweight ferrite design, only weighs 13 kg.

New 18-inch optimised, cast aluminium chassis design.

Aluminium core heat sink and large motor venting

Reduced power compression and effective temperature regulation.

Powerful and accurate low frequency sound reproduction.

Peak to peak maximum excursion of 52mm.

Dual 'spaced' suspension system and advanced materials

ultra-linearity, mechanical stability and superior acoustic performance at high levels of excursion.

Suitable for bass reflex or horn loaded designs.

5-Inch Copper voice coil.

Electro Acoustic Specifications

Nominal Chassis Diameter 18" / 457.2 mm

Impedance 8 Ω

Power Handling 1300 W (A.E.S.)

Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 5200 W (A.E.S.)

Usable Frequency Range (-6dB) 30Hz - 2 kHz

Sensitivity (1W - 1m) 96 dB

Moving Mass (inc. Air Load) 220 grams

Minimum Impedance (Zmin) 6.5 Ω

Effective Piston Diameter 15.68" / 398.27 mm

Magnet Weight 105.8 oz

Magnetic Gap Depth 0.35" / 9 mm

Flux Density 0.98 Tesla

Coil Winding Height 0.98" / 25 mm

Voice Coil Diameter 5.0" / 127 mm

Speaker Type Sub Bass Driver

Thiele Small Parameters (TSPs)

FS 36 Hz

Re 5.9 Ω

QMS 11.1

QES 0.56

QTS 0.53

Vas 205 Litres

Vd 1.19 Litres

CMS 0.11 mm/N

BL 20.36 T/m

MMS 174 grams

Xmax 10.5 mm

Sd 1134 cm2

Efficiency 1.65%

Le 2.9 mH

EBP 64.29 Hz

Materials of Construction

Coil Former Material Glass Fibre

Voice Coil Material Copper

Magnet Material Ferrite

Chassis Material Die-cast Aluminium

Cone Material Paper

Surround / Edge Termination Polyvinyl Damped Multi Roll. Poly Cotton

Dust Dome Material Paper

Connectors Push-button Spring Terminals

Polarity Positive voltage at red terminal causes forward motion of cone

Mounting / Shipping Information

Overall Diameter 19.1" / 485 mm

Width Across Flats 18" / 457.2 mm

Flange Height 0.465" / 11.8 mm

Baffle Hole Diameter F/M 16.53" / 419.86 mm

Baffle Hole Diameter R/M 16.33" / 414.78 mm

Gasket Supplied Front

Outer Fixing Holes 8x ø 7 mm on 468 mm PCD

Inner Fixing Holes 8x ø 7 mm on 438.15 mm PCD

Depth 7.94" / 201.55 mm

Weight 28.85 lb / 13.09 Kg

Recommended Enclosure Volume 60 - 230 Litres

Shipping Weight 31 lb / 14.06 Kg

Packing Carton Dimensions (W) 495 (D) 495 (H) 255 mm