BDS Rackmount 1U Spectrum Analyzer Analysis Display Limited Edition Blue and White


BDS Rackmount 1U Spectrum Analyzer Analysis Display Limited Edition Blue and White


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BDS Rackmount 1U Spectrum Analysis Display
Standard 1U thin and ultra-small chassis volume

This machine uses high-performance DSP chip control

Absolutely accurate real-time 31-band frequency level

Integrated LED dynamic module display

Use 12 lights to display level signals at each frequency

Simple panel, good control, durable and stable

Input and output for Canon and Lotus interface

This machine uses lossless through-amplification synchronous circuit

Panel supports spectrum light brightness adjustment

Support input level sensitivity adjustment

Support AC full voltage power input

Technical Parameters :

Power requirements: AC 90V-260V (50HZ / 60HZ)

Power consumption: 5W - 10W

Input interface: XLR, RCA

Input sensitivity: 0V - 1V

Output interface: XLR, RCA

LED module: LED 12 points * 31 segments total 372 points

LED color: blue, bright white 

Size: 483mm * 44mm * 130mm

Designed by BDS

1U compact rack body size

High quality Main DSP control board

31ch real time frequency level

Integrated LED display module

Each frequency with 12 signal led display

Simple easy to control durable stable

Input and output support XLR and RCA socket

Use high quality Non lossless circuit for output

Panel support dimmer and input signal Sensitivity

Support AC 90V-260V power 

Specifications :

1.Power supply: AC 90v-260v (50hz / 60hz)

2.power consumption: 5w - 10w




6.LED MODULE : 12*31section

7.LED COLOR : green ,red

8.Dimension : 483mm * 44mm * 130mm

9.Weight : 2KG

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