BDS MR - 1U Rackmount Digital 8-Channel Mixer with Digital Effects


BDS MR - 1U Rackmount Digital 8-Channel Mixer with Digital Effects

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BDS company research and development

Standard 1U thin and ultra-small chassis volume

This machine uses high-performance dual-core chip control

Simple panel, good control, durability and high stability

4-way Canon's dual input interface (supports 48v power supply)

2-channel stereo JACK or lotus head interface

Stereo and mono input adjustment button switching

AUX auxiliary and mono output

Total output with INSERT interface

Foot pedal control effect interface

With over 100 different effects adjustments, you can superimpose REVERB

Total output 5-segment stereo level display

1-4 road with high school bass balance adjustment

5-8 road with high and low sound balance adjustment

Each with effects and auxiliary and mono output

Support AC full voltage power input

Technical Parameters :

Power requirements: AC 90V-260V (50HZ / 60HZ) 

Power consumption: 15W - 20W 

Gain:MIC input: 55db
Line input: 40db
STEREO input: 24db

MIC input: +-15db low 60Hz medium 2.5KHz high 12KHz
STEREO input: +-15db low 60Hz high 12KHz

Frequency response:

Any input 22Hz -40KHz +-0.5db

Distortion (THD@1KHz):

Less than 0.008% configuration

Output level:

Left/Right XLR Output: Normal +4dbu Maximum +23dbu Output Impedance 100ohms
Left/Right RCA output: Normal -2dbu max +17dbu output impedance 100ohms

AUX auxiliary output: normal -2dbu maximum +23dbu output impedance <10ohms
MON mono output: normal +4dbu max +23dbu output impedance < 10ohms

Size: 483mm * 44mm * 130mm

Weight: 3 KG

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