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Los Angeles, Calif., December 1, 2015 – At the 43rd annual American Music Awards, held at Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on November 22nd, amplifier manufacturer Powersoft made its presence known with over (100) K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers on site. With approximately 7,000 people in attendance, the program wasbroadcast to over 10 million viewers across the U.S. and featured performances by a 'who's who' list of contemporary musical artists including Coldplay, The Weeknd, Demi Lovato and many others; the show was highlighted with a moving performance of "Hymne à l'amour" by Celine Dion, which eulogized victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. 

In addition to hosting an evening of lively performances, the AMA presented awards to a range of chart topping artists including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy and many others. Country artist Sam Hunt was recognized with "New Artist of the Year", while superstar Taylor Swift scooped up nominations in six categories. The night was hosted by Jennifer Lopez and featured A-list presenters including Harrison Ford, Prince and Jenny McCarthy. 

Audio for the entire awards show performance was driven by over 100 Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers, located in racks situated throughout the facility. ATK Audiotek, which has been providing audio services for the AMA Awards for 25 years, handled sound services for the event — including equipment specification, set up, FOH and monitor engineering. "For all the large shows we deploy, we depend on Powersoft for the main P.A., monitors and subs," commented Sean Prickett, Audio Engineer for ATK Audiotek. 

Lots of Music and Fast Production Changes

Unlike many other popular awards shows, the AMA Awards is characterized by several musical performances throughout the evening, in addition to award recognition. For production staff, this means constant changes in both stages and performers, says Prickett: "There is dialog, but it is standard for us to have to go A Stage to B stage after a v/o right into another performance. It was certainly a case of ‘all hands on deck’ for everyone in the audio department." In such a high-profile, live broadcast environment, equipment dependability is key: "We have so many amps out there and with Powersoft, I was not concerned about reliability at all."

At a show such as the AMAs, reputation and credibility is always on the line when it comes to delivering audio services: "It is considered one of the top three music shows in the country, so there is a certain amount of prestige when the artists come in and they have certain expectations," says Mikael Stewart, VP Special Events, ATK Audiotek. "We are doing a lot of show in a relatively short amount of time, so everything has to go in, work right away, and be flexible." the M-Drive amp module include:

Setting the stage for excellence
Having done so many shows in the Microsoft Theater (formerly Nokia Theatre L.A. Live), ATK has its audio system 'dialed in': "Our system for Microsoft Theater consists primarily of four main hang arrays, four delay arrays, three balcony hung delays as well as under balconies and two different versions of front fills for FOH," explains Prickett. "Typically, for these awards shows, we do a split up distributed drive system, unlike what we might do for typical touring situations." 

For the main P.A. and main delays, ATK specified JBL VerTec 4089 line arrays and 4886 balcony delays, all powered by Powersoft K10s. "We deploy a distributed system to give us more flexible set up for music and dialog, and it means we do not have to drive the P.A. as hard because there are many zones to create a nice even coverage pattern throughout the whole house," says Prickett. 
Whether it is for an awards show or a touring installation, preparation is one of ATK's key ingredients for success. No matter where the performance, the company relies on Powersoft's Armonia software to catalog and recall key DSP settings so the production team doesn't have to start from scratch when it comes to set up and room-tuning. "These venues are very much the same, and the show hasn’t really changed its physical structure over the last five years," says Stewart. "We just load the presets from the Armonia software, which gives us a really good starting point so we don’t have to spend hours re-tuning the room."
"We use Powersoft Armonia exclusively for our DSP, and there is no other system controller in front of it," Prickett adds. "We rely very heavily on this to tune the system, as well as facilitate EQ and level changes. The preset capability is a key feature for us, since time is always of the essence in these shows." 
Making efficiency count
Aside from their predictable sonic performance on a demanding live broadcast program such as the AMAs, the Powersoft K10s deliver a range of efficiencies in a range of other areas too: "The main reason we use K10 DSP+AESOPs at ATK Audiotek is because they allow us to operate in a reduced physical footprint, which is essential in the rack world when it comes to amplifiers," says Prickett. "Since each K10 takes up just 1U, we are able to have a spare amplifier at each location without tying up a prohibitive amount of rackspace. So in case one of the signals goes away, we have a backup at every single amplifier. 

For the AMAs, where every second of live programming counts, the Powersoft K10s never faltered when it came to performance: "There were absolutely no issues with any of the 100 amplifiers on our network," concludes Prickett. "Everything went smoothly and without incident: this is the kind of performance we rely on."

For more information on the Powersoft K series, please visit http://www.powersoft-audio.com/en/touring/k-series.


Camarillo, Calif., November 2, 2015 – Two years ago, Valencia, Calif.-based ATK Audiotek visited high-end amplifier company Powersoft at its headquarters in Florence, Italy. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the next generation of Powersoft amplifiers that were coming to market, which have since been launched as the X Series. But something else caught ATK's Scott Harmala's [CTO / VP of Engineering] attention during his visit as he glanced around the room: a Powersoft M-Drive amplifier module sitting on a shelf nearby, the most powerful ever built. 

Powersoft's M-System is the ultimate solution for a high output powered subwoofer, which is based on the company's innovative M-Force motor transducer and M-Drive switching-mode amp module. The system utilizes Powersoft's Differential Pressure Control – DPC® – technology, enabling it to deliver unparalleled power efficiency. 

"We were already well aware of the efficiencies in Powersoft's amplifier designs, but I don't think we realized that Claudio's [Lastrucci, Powersoft's Research & Development Director] diversity and knowledge of design extended into transducers," Harmala recalls. "That visit really opened my eyes and spawned an interesting idea for ATK — which has since transformed the way we are able to handle low-end effect for the programs and events we provide audio services for on a regular basis."  

M-System Rising
ATK Audiotek, a pioneering audio services firm that has handled audio for the GRAMMY Awards for 15 years, was interested in achieving a more impactful low-frequency response in its loudspeaker systems, while shrinking the physical footprint of its travelling rig. After seeing the Powersoft M-System in Florence and learning more about it, ATK realized the potential efficiencies it could bring to bear on its loudspeaker infrastructure. The ATK team proceeded to work alongside Powersoft engineers and audio consultant Mario DiCola to develop an eight-box prototype to firmly establish proof of concept. Each cabinet contained a Powersoft M-Drive amp module, along with a 30" cone. 

One of the first proving grounds for the new low-end powerhouse was the popular American television series 'The X-Factor'. "We used two of the M-Drive modules strategically placed to couple the low end energy into the floor, reinforcing the impact for the audience," recalls Harmala. "The result was a very controlled low-end response, unlike what you might normally expect." The 'souped up' system almost immediately caught the attention of guest engineers, who were overseeing the audio for high profile visiting artists. "Everyone was pretty shocked at the amount of low-end we were pushing out — yet it was very tight rather than a round, 'wollowy' sound which most people are used to hearing."   

Exponentially Efficient by Design
After more successful prototype tests in the field, Harmala and his team were able to not only evaluate the M-Drive driven loudspeakers subjectively, but could also provide an empirical assessment. "In terms of raw SPL output, there were a couple of things we noticed," He says. "When compared with conventional double 18" boxes that we have in our inventory, it would take just one of the new prototype boxes to deliver a similar low-end effect that three of the conventional boxes would otherwise require. Therefore, with M-Drive amp modules, you get a lot more low-end density for the amount of volume in the box. As a result, you either need fewer boxes to do the job, or if you maintain the same number of boxes, you now have a lot more low end to a work with." 

Harmala notes that in music environments featuring EDM and other low frequency intense event programming, there is significant advantage to deploying the M-Drive since it can be challenging to achieve an ample degree of low-end frequency response. "We think there is a lot of merit to this technology and are committed to investing into ideas that we think will work for our specific event applications," says Harmala. "Nowadays, when we do a lot of trucking, fitting everything we need into the truck is really important. By using more efficient technology like the Powersoft M-System, we can pack more into our trucks and utilize fewer trucks for larger shows." 

Inspired Innovations on the Horizon
Currently, ATK is developing a new loudspeaker that integrates the M-System into a smaller and lighter form factor, optimized for handling, transportation and flying. "The new boxes we are working on will be used as large, deployed clusters that will be done in end-firing, cardioid and conventionally hung configurations," he explains. "We will be able to fly these in various locations and also pack them in a truck. They are significantly smaller and lighter than the 30" cone prototypes we've been working with, yet have an equivalent low frequency reach and sonic impact. The M-System has enabled us to get so much more technology in a smaller package." 

With the development of M-System, ATK is able to draw from — and become inspired by — what is possible in the future for the deployment of its large event systems. "The M-Drive achieves efficiency levels that are simply unheard of," Harmala concludes. "Currently, there is nobody even in the ballpark compared to Powersoft when it comes to efficiency. These transducers deliver such a tight low-end and dampened effect that it is hard to understand." Harmala also believes there are efficiencies embedded into the M-System's price tag as well: "If you look at the cost, it seems expensive. But if you look at what it actually replaces, it becomes quite economical and therefore financially efficient." 

Crown Audio Adopts Common Amplifier Format for DriveCore Install Series Amplifiers

RCF launches new M Digital Mixers 

Statement about copies of RCF transducers in China

RCF strengthens its efforts in preventing manufacturers to use copies of RCF transducers. 
The RCF reputation of good quality and reliable products is at risk due to the widespread copies of our transducers. 
It was discovered by our distributor of transducers, LDH Audio, that a direct Chinese OEM customer of RCF used copies, for that we implemented counter measures.

I. Verification of RCF serial numbers
RCF serial number can be verified on our web site in the section of “Products”, then “Product Registration”

II. Registration of products
Once a product is registered (please follow the steps described in the product registration) and you verify the serial number, you will get the message that this product has been registered already. This will avoid using existing RCF serial numbers by other parties.

III. Legal measures
If RCF discovers that a manufacturer produces or uses RCF copies we will start legal measures against them.

Once any party finds out fake RCF transducer copies, you may contact immediately our distributor for transducers in China, LDH Audio. Together with LDH Audio, we will continue to fight against this issue in China.

RCF premium TT+ Line Array fires Ultra Europe Dance Festival

For the second consecutive year, the Ultra Music Festival followed its triumphant event in Miami by bringing its electronic dance party to Split, Croatia over three days.

Known as Ultra Europe, the DJ festival moved into the city’s Poljud Stadium, the sound from some of the world’s leading turntablists was heard by a vast audience of nearly 40,000 people through more than 100 of RCF’s TT+ premium line array loudspeakers.

Headliners, including Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Paul Kalkbrenner and many more, performed on Main Stage where sound reinforcement was again provided by RCF’s premium TTL55-A high power, three way, active line array system; this was specified by Zagreb-based event production company, Promo Logistika, whose equipment inventory contains 24 of the powerful systems.