IDOL AUDIO IP100 Multiband Processor With Subwoofer Output

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IDOL AUDIO IP100 Multiband Processor With Subwoofer Output

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The exciter is a device that adds harmonic components to the sound. It improves the sense of envelopment, increases the sense of presence, improves transparency, provides sharp stereo images, improves intelligibility, increases volume, and reduces listening fatigue. 

● Professional multi-purpose sound enhancement system, noise removal, natural sound processor for clearer sound, built-in noise reduction system, multi-band design makes the bass more powerful, and the treble is more transparent. The bass boost creates stunning effects; ALC (Automatic Control) servo balanced input and output, independent segmented level LED display. 

● This product uses the latest ADS sound excitation processing technology to beautify the bass and make the bass more powerful. The unique noise reduction circuit improves the fineness and transparency of the sound while attenuating the background hum. The dynamic tracking circuit continuously analyzes the input signal to adjust and balance the excitation signal and the background click. Unbalanced balanced input/output, harmonic selection continuously adjustable LED peak display. 

1) Stereo high, low frequency independent sound excitation, increase the level of sound clarity 

2) Cut out the useless and waste power low frequency signal, reduce system load 

3) Select the center frequency of high frequency excitation (from 1KHz to 8KHz) 

4) Independent high and low frequency gain design 

5) Balanced input and output


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