EX3000 Professional Exciter Vocal Sound Optimizer

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EX3000 Professional Exciter Vocal Sound Optimizer

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EX3000 uses the latest ADS sound excitation processing technology to beautify the bass and make the bass more powerful. 

The unique noise reduction circuit improves the fineness and transparency of the sound while attenuating the background sound. 

The dynamic tracking circuit continuously analyzes the input signal to adjust and balance the excitation and background sound. 

Unbalanced balanced input/output, harmonic selection Continuously adjustable LED peak display: 1) Stereo high, low frequency independent sound excitation, increasing the level of sound clarity; 2) Cutting out useless and wasted low frequency signals to reduce system load; 3) The center frequency of the optional high frequency excitation (from 1K to 8KHz); 4) Independent high and low frequency gain design; 5) Balanced input/output.
Technical parameters:  
Stereo high, low frequency independent sound excitation, increase the level of sound clarity,  
cut out the low frequency signal that is useless and waste power amplifier rate, reduce the system load,  
select the center frequency of high frequency excitation (from 1K~8KHz),  
independent high and low frequency benefits Design  
balanced input/output  
signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): >93dB  
frequency response: 20KHz (+/-0.3dB),
maximum sharpness improvement in straight-through state   : +13dB  
maximum low frequency compensation: +13dBu  
input impedance: balanced 20K / Unbalanced 10K  
output impedance: Balance 300 / Unbalance 150


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