Fane Sovereign Pro 12-500 12 inch 500W

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Fane Sovereign Pro 12-500 12 inch 500W


The Sovereign Pro 12-500 is intended for use in two-way ported enclosures. The driver features die cast chassis with long throw motor systems and high linearity suspensions allowing solid bass reproduction at high-power levels. The drivers exhibit smooth frequency responses to give a balanced tonal characteristic when properly matched to appropriate high-frequency drivers. The Pro 12-500 is designed for use in 25 to 80 litre ported enclosures and features a 3 inch voice coil, with inside and outside windings. 500 Watts power handling and 97.5 dB sensitivity.

Mounting / Shipping Information:

Overall Diameter 314 mm 
Baffle Hole (Front Mount) 287 mm 
Flange Height 10 mm 
Mounting Hole Diameter and Quantity 8 x 7mm dia 
Mounting Hole P.C.D. 294 mm PCD 
Overall Height 145 mm 
Nett Weight 7.5 kg 
Shipping Weight 8kg 
Packing Carton Dimensions 165 x 330 x 330 mm 

Electro Acoustic Specifications:

Nominal Chassis Diameter 12" 
Impedance 8 O 
Impedance 8 O 
EIA 426 Power 500 w 
Program Power 1000 w 
Peak Power 6dB Crest Factor 2000 w 
Frequency Range -3dB 40 Hz - 3.5 KHz 
Sensitivity 1w - 1m 97.5 dB 
Magnetic Gap Depth 10 mm 
Voice Coil Diameter 76.2 mm 
Flux Density (Tesla) 1.1 
Coil Winding Length 20 mm 

Thiele Small Parameters:

FS Hz 46 Hz 
RE Ohms 5.4 O 
Qms 6.19 
Qes 0.42 
Qts 0.39 
Vas Ltr 107 
Vd Litres 0.237 
CMS (mm/N) 0.233 
BL T/m 13.81 
Mms (grms) 50.98 
Xmax mm 4.8 
Sd cm2 569.8 
Efficiency % 2.4 

Materials Of Construction:

Former Material Glass Fibre 
Voice Coil Aluminium 
Magnet Material Ferrite 
Chassis Die-cast Aluminium 
Cone Paper 
Surround / Edge Termination Polyvinyl Damped Fabric
Dust Dome Paper 
Connectors Push-button Spring Terminals 
Polarity Positive Voltage at Red Terminal Causes Forward Motion of Cone