Raymax MD16E (MD18) 16-Channel Multi-Function Digital Touch Screen Bluetooth Digital Mixer

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Raymax MD16E (MD18) 16-Channel Multi-Function Digital Touch Screen Bluetooth Digital Mixer


Technical Parameters


6.1” x 3.5” ( 156mm x 90mm ) color TFT touch screen

Audio input

18 inputs:

12- channel XLR / TRS composite interface MIC/LINE , 2- channel stereo AES ( XLR interface), 1- channel stereo USB drive or Bluetooth playback

Audio output

14 outputs:

2- way main output ( XLR interface )

2 auxiliary outputs AUX1 , AUX2 ( 1/4" TRS stereo interface )

4- channel auxiliary output SUB1 ~SUB4 ( XLR interface )

1 channel stereo AES output ( XLR interface )

1 channel stereo USB disk recording

1 channel stereo monitor ( 1/4" TRS stereo interface, 16Ω minimum impedance headset )

Input channel processing
Digital gain adjustment, phase adjustment, post-push source selection, 4- band parametric equalization (PEQ) , high-pass filter, noise gate, compressor, mute setting.

Output channel processing
1/3 octave graphic equalizer, high pass and low pass filter, four-stage variable frequency point notch filter, limiter, delay ( max. 500ms) , mute setting.

recording function

Stereo dual channel recording, select one set of Main-L/R and AUX1/AUX2 , SUB1/SUB2 , SUB3/SUB4 , AES-L/R 5 stereo bus outputs as the recording source.


. 6 th DCA grouping ( with Mute ) , . 3 mute grouping


2 professional effects: Reverb , Echo , Chorus , Pitch-shift , Flanger , Stereo Delay

Wait 60 factory presets, 50 user presets.


Mixer Presets : Factory and User Presets include storing or uploading all mixer parameters from the internal and USB sticks to the mixer.

Channel Preset: User channel presets can be stored or uploaded to the console from internal and USB sticks.

External control

The IOS digital mixer APP software on the iPad accesses and controls all parameters of the console through the Wi-Fi hotspot.


USB Wi-Fi adapter included
Bluetooth Bluetooth

USB Bluetooth adapter included ( upgrade version available )

Size ( height, width and depth)
135 mm x 450 mm x 480 mm

7 kg

Operating voltage requirements and power consumption
85Vac ~ 240Vac , 50 - 60 Hz , 50W MAX

Sampling frequency

Signal delay
Less than 3.3 milliseconds from any input to output

Total harmonic distortion
<0.005% (+4 dBu , 20 Hz - 20 kHz , 0 gain compensation or attenuation, from any input to output )

Frequency response
+/-0.5dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz , from any input to output )

Dynamic Range

Equivalent input noise

Residual output noise


Signal to noise ratio

Rated input level ( mic input)
-60dBu ( gain adjustment range: -5dB ~ +58dB , 1dB/ level )

Maximum input level
+22dBu ( line input / mic input )

Maximum output level

Phantom power supply
+48V , separate switch control for each channel

Contains attachments
USB WIFI adapter, USB Bluetooth adapter (available in the upgrade version ) , power cord

1 YEAR Warranty
Hub Shipping most countries 5-7days

Wholesale welcome , contact sales office